0.5mg Xanax pill

Pink xanax is nothing but a colored xanax pill and it is 0.5mg. This is just a new attraction to for people to buy xanax. But yes the best suggestion for this pill is always check in the image of the pill weather it is mentioned 0.5 on it. People who need xanax pill only for addiction can use pink xanax.

But the patients with serious problems can’t use it, the most of chemical are similar but not that effective compared to the original xanax. The colored pills are like this xanax .25mg is white, xanax .50mg is light peach or pink color, 1mg xanax are blue and xanax 2mg or 2mg bars are white. So even if you find blue color xanax which is a bit light blue don’t worry consult it with your doctor and then you can go ahead to buy it.

Colored pills are not always generic, because there are different manufactures who involves color factor to attract their customers. As we spoke about diffent color combinations on xanax, but as we are talking about xanax pink which is .5mg pills. It is as usual used for the cure of anxiety problems and also sometimes used for cure of panic disorder and also for the people who is facing heavy depression problem.

But yes when you take xanax you have to strictly follow your doctors prescription, because if you don’t follow it there are high chances that you might get addicted with it. And once if you are addicted there are very less possibilities that you can stop taking pink xanax, and even if you suddenly decide to quit taking pink xanax, you must not leave it because it might harm you in bad ways. So even if you are planning to stop it always consult your doctor. See Also